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Writing on Computer


Pre-Production is the work done  before full-scale production begins.

Film Slate Marker


Production is where the principal photography (filming) takes place.

Editing with Headphones


This phase includes editing, sound mixing, and any special effects the project may need.

Camera Lens


Over 10 years of experience producing HD images with cutting edge technology.

Game Character Creation

Animation & VFX

VFX (Visual Effects) is the process of mixing videos with false or animated images.

3D Boxes

Graphic Design

In-house 2D and 3D graphic design services.

Website on Laptop

Website Design

Modern and professional websites that make a statement.

Social network concept

Social Media

Creative campaigns, social strategies, content marketing, writing and paid advertisements.

Team Meeting


We offer business consulting services to push your marketing strategies to a new level.


-Concept Development

-Script Writing



-Location Scouting

-Tech Scouting

-Obtaining Permits


-Production Design

Pre-production is essential in the filmmaking process because without proper planning, the production could run over time, the project could go over budget, or we could find ourselves in the editing room with missing content. Some even say, “Production is pre-production.” Whether its storyboarding, location scouting or budgeting, each of the steps in this phase plays a crucial role in the success of the project.


-Lighting (ELT Rigging)

-Camera Operations

-Rigging Grip

-Production Management

-SFX (Special Effects)

-Aerial Video Capture (Drone)

Video production is the process of creating a video by capturing moving images (videography), and creating combinations of parts of this video in live production and post-production (video editing).


The Burton Productions studio is equipt with green screen, professional lighting equipment, props, backstage areas for talent, audio recording booth, smoke machines, premium in-house cinema cameras and production accessories. We are proud to produce content in up to 8k resolution with our RED EPIC-W HELIUM 8K S35 Digital Cinema Camera. (See our gear page for a list of our other primary tools.)


-Video Editing

-Motion Graphics

-VFX (Visual Effects)

-Sound Mixing

-Color Grading

Once filming is completed, the post-production process begins. A lot of people mistakenly think that editing the footage together is all that the post-production stage consists of.

This is actually one of the most involved parts of the video production process. Post-production typically includes the following: editing, sound design and mixing, voiceover work, special effects, graphics, text slides and coloring.

This step will be handled by our skilled editing team. They will examine the recorded footage and select the best takes to use in the final video. Then the film will be cut together according to the script and storyboard so that the core messages shine through.


-Studio Photography

-Photo Editing







-Fine Art

-Social Photography (weddings, portraiture)

Our team of photographers are artists that happen to be carrying cameras. Our lighting equipment, gear and experience will create photos that make a statement for any kind of project. The Burton Productions studio is a totally renovated warehouse with endless creative options. To view our portfolio, please visit: COMING SOON

Animation & VFX

-Visual Effects

-Motion Graphics 

-2D and 3D Animation

-Stop Motion


Burton Productions is a creative-led production company that specializes in both long and short form animation for networks, agencies, and brands. We are driven by the art of storytelling in a visual form. We work with partners and clients to help conceive, develop, and produce.

Graphic Design

-Brand Identity Kits

-Marketing & Advertising

-Motion Design


-Packaging Design

-2D & 3D Capabilites

-Logo & Business Card

We endeavor to provide a reliable marketing hub for graphic design, logos, banner design, packaging, merchandise, web design and many other works. The goal of every project is to communicate to audiences by drawing them and connecting with smart ideas. The Burton Productions graphics team thrives on solving complex problems for clients through simplicity, innovation, and visual power.

Animation & VFX
Graphic Design
Website Design



-Domain Research & Purchasing

-Custom Graphics

-Written Content

Our company has tech-savvy, artistic individuals who specialize in building small business websites. The Burton team is trained to build each client website in a technical and creative manner. The mission of our website designers is to help each customer build a profitable website.

We know that designing a website for your business can be overwhelming. Without the right expertise, you might have a website that doesn’t look great or get you the results you want. Let us build or redesign a website for your business, whether you want to make money online or just attract more visitors to your store. Whatever you want your site to do, we’re here to help.

Social Media

-Content Calendars

-Creative Campaigns



-Account Setup

-Engagement Services

-Scheduled Posting

We offer a number of efficient and affordable social media services for small businesses. 

It’s been discovered that 97 percent of people research local products or services online before purchasing. If your business has social media profiles that are out-of-date, it sends the message to potential customers that you just don’t care – or worse – that your business has closed down!


Utilizing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest helps your brand become more visible and keeps you top of mind with current and prospective clients. To keep this service affordable, posts are written and scheduled in advance with the opportunity for clients to review them before they go out. 


-Social Media Management



-Advertisement Placement

-Business Consulting

-Workflow Analysis

What makes us really stand out from a standard production company is our supplemental marketing services that help improve the exposure and engagement of your content. We offer multiple business services like social media management,  developing strategies, creative campaigns, creating brand identity kits and more. 

Burton Productions is also partnered with award-winning firms and agencies for advertisement placement, search engine optimization and cybersecurity. There's no magic in marketing. The 'tricks of the trade' aren't anything more than skill, expertise and hard work. We know what audiences look for and we'll make sure you deliver it to the highest standard.

Website Design
Social Media
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